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Guide To Play Handicap 2.5/3 in Football Betting

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Before deciding to bet on a particular team, we must understand the various types of bets as well as initial predictions before the match begins. Do you know what a 2.5/3 handicap is? Surely, this is the question that beginners are most curious about right now. Below, Wintips will decode in detail best soccer tips about this odds ratio for everyone to grasp!
What is a 2.5/3 handicap?
A 2.5/3 handicap is an odds ratio in Asian handicap betting – a type of bet chosen by many due to its ease of play, high winning odds, and suitability for Vietnamese players.
2.5/3 handicap, or simply written as 2.75 – the favorite team is given a 2.75-goal advantage over the underdog team (reputable bookmakers will specify the favorite and underdog teams). To put it simply, before the match takes place, the top team temporarily holds a -2.75 handicap, and the bottom team holds a +2.75 handicap. Instead of determining the winning or losing team in the match or predicting the goal difference, Asian handicap betting will identify the handicap team and determine the outcome.
How does the rule of 2.5/3 handicap work?
The rules of this handicap bet are relatively simple, easy to play, just pay attention to the position of the two teams and you can quickly seize the betting money from reputable bookmakers. Specifically, a 2.5-3 handicap will be divided into 2 outcomes to calculate the betting odds as follows:
For bettors betting on the favorite team: After the end of 90 minutes of play (excluding extra time), if the favorite team wins with a margin of 4 goals or more, bettors will receive 100% of the betting money. If the margin is 3 goals, you will lose 50% of the bet. Conversely, if the winning result is less than 2 goals, a draw, or a loss, you will lose the entire amount of the bet.
For bettors betting on the underdog team: Conversely, for those betting on the underdog team, they will receive 100% of the betting money when winning, drawing, or losing by 1-2 goals, 50% of the betting money when losing by 3 goals, and lose all bets when losing by more than 4 goals.
Example of a 2.5/3 handicap match between Fulham vs Manchester City
We will take an example of an ongoing match available at reputable bookmakers for players to have the clearest understanding of what a 2.5/3 handicap entails.
In the match between Fulham vs Manchester City in the EPL, with a 2.5-3 handicap, Manchester City is the favorite team (highlighted in red) and Fulham is the underdog team, with odds of 0.72 for Fulham to win and 0.79 for Manchester City to win. Suppose you bet 100k and bet on the favorite team, the scenarios are as follows:
You will win the bet if Manchester City defeats Fulham by a margin of 4 goals or more. At this point, the amount of money you will receive is 100×0.92 + 100.
You will lose 50% of the bet if Manchester City defeats Fulham by a margin of 3 goals. You will receive 50% of the bet amount, which is 50% × 100.
You will lose 100% of the bet if Manchester City defeats Fulham by 2 goals, draws, or loses.

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Experience when playing handicap 2.5 / 3 for big wins
Football betting is a game of chance, so the more experience you have, the higher your chances of winning. After understanding what a 2.5/3 handicap is, Wintips continues to share tips to help you win easily.
Accurately determine the performance of both teams
The 2.5 / 3 handicap is a type of bet with a significant goal difference. Therefore, if you choose this type of bet, you should only select matches where there is a clear gap in strength between the two teams. This makes choosing a 2.75 handicap safer. Conversely, it will be high risk to choose matches where the teams are evenly matched.
Accurately assess the game situation
This is an extremely important step to reinforce your betting decisions. To have the most accurate assessment of the current tactics and form of both teams, you should read fast news sites and the top bookmakers. These are the most accurate aggregated information about the two teams and serve as a guide for you in case of difficulty making decisions.
Additionally, you can also refer to some information about the two teams to help you evaluate the match such as: their recent encounters, form in the last 3 matches, player changes in the team, tactics. From there, you will have suitable options when making betting decisions.
Choose the bet to place
Each type of handicap has many prediction opportunities for players to choose from, and 2.5-3 is no exception. If the favorite team has superior strength and can completely dominate the underdog team, you can bet on the favorite.
And if the strength of the two teams is not significantly different, then players should choose the underdog. In general, when you truly understand the nature of this type of bet, you will know how to place bets accurately.
The above article has provided you with more information betting tips vip app about what a 2.5/3 handicap is and some essential experiences to know when playing this type of bet. Hopefully, with Wintips' sharing, it will be useful and help increase your chances of winning. Continue to visit the Wintips website to update more useful information related to football betting!
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