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How does a 3/4 Handicap work? The most accurate experience in analyzing a 3/4 handicap

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For professional football bettors, the concept of a 3/4 handicap is likely not unfamiliar, right? Because this is a very popular betting ratio and is favored by many Vietnamese players. However, there are still many newcomers who do not really understand this type of betting. In this article, the number 1 bookmaker - wintips will provide you with useful information about the 3/4 Handicap ratio.
Understanding what a 3/4 handicap is?
The 3/4 handicap in football betting is a very popular Asian handicap ratio in Vietnam and is also the most basic ratio. The 3/4 handicap always attracts the attention of many professional bettors when there is a strong team playing against a weak team. Therefore, this type of bet is often applied to matches with a large gap in skill level between the two teams.
For the 3/4 handicap, the upper team (the strong team) will handicap the lower team (the weak team) with a handicap ratio of 0.75. When betting with this ratio, there will be three possible scenarios:
If the upper team wins by a margin of 1 goal, then the upper bet will win half the bet while the lower bettor will lose half.
In the case where the upper team wins by a margin of 2 goals or more, then the upper bettor will win the bet.
If the upper team draws or loses, then the lower bettor will win the bet.
For example, in a Premier League match, Manchester United is handicapped against Chelsea with a ratio of 0.75. In which, the odds for the upper team - lower team are 0.5-0.7. Therefore:
If Manchester United beats Chelsea by a margin of 2 goals or more, and you bet $100 on Manchester United, you will receive a corresponding reward of $150.
If Manchester United beats Chelsea by a margin of 1 goal, and you bet $100 on Manchester United, you will receive a corresponding reward of $100x(0.5×100/2) = $125.
If Manchester United draws or loses to Chelsea, the player betting on the lower team will receive a corresponding reward of $170.
Synthesize effective experiences for analyzing the 3/4 handicap for newcomers
After understanding what the 3/4 handicap is, let's move on to some tips for winning big for newcomers.

For You: Considerations When Choosing an Online Football bookmaker best odds
As you know, the 3/4 handicap ratio is used for matches where the difference between the two teams is relatively large. Therefore, when participating in this bet, you should consider and prioritize the team that tends to attack more than the other team. Besides, you should also flexibly apply the following tips and strategies:
Choose suitable matches for the 3/4 handicap bet
In a match, if you notice that the upper team has an attacking strategy, with a high scoring efficiency, while the lower team has poor defense, it is best to bet on the upper team. Or if the lower team is playing at home and the defensive capabilities of both teams are equal, then you should choose the lower team to increase your chances of winning.
Also, if the home team is the handicapped team, you need to pay attention to factors such as the form of play, the playing conditions of both teams. Only after carefully analyzing should you make the final betting decision.
Thoroughly research and analyze pre-match information
One of the most important things when analyzing football bets is to research relevant information about the match. You need to understand that if you do not grasp the basic information related to the teams and the match you are betting on, your chances of winning that bet are almost nonexistent.
Therefore, you need to allocate time to research and analyze important information. Specifically, such as: form of play, strength, ranking of both teams on the standings, head-to-head history. Besides, you should not overlook information such as playing conditions, home - away matches, the injury status of players, etc.
Consult the opinions of football betting experts
In addition to the above 3/4 handicap betting experiences, you should also consult the opinions of experienced betting experts. These are extremely useful pieces of information to help you choose the best odds.
However, not following the majority opinion is always correct. You should carefully check the winning percentage of the upper team with a margin of two goals. From there, you can make the right betting decision for yourself.
In this article, wintips has shared with you simple but highly effective experiences in analyzing the 3/4 Handicap. Additionally, you can also visit the website of the reputable betdirect bookmaker - wintips to gain more experience in betting from the top players. Good luck to you all!
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